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Request Programme has been selected to participate in Swedstage,
a showcase of Swedish theatre productions in Stockholm november 2012.


Siris Original Theatre and "Request Programme" will be going
to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. august 2012.

Inlingua Edinburgh:  0131 220 5119
[email protected]


Siris Original Theatre and "Request Programme" will be going
to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Photo: Baldur Bragason


Trained at the Stockholm Academy of Drama. Cecilia has been working as an actress in theatre, film and television since the 70`s.
Major roles are Masja in ”Three sisters” directed by Robert Wilson, Stockholm Stadsteater, ”The Human Circle”, written and directed by Lars Norén, for Riksteatern/Dramaten and SVT and as the forensic Nina Molander
in the TV series ”Graven” and ”Morden”.

In 2012 she recieved a ”Guldbagge”, the Swedish Film Institute award, as best supporting actress in ”Simon and the Oaks” directed by Lisa Ohlin.

Member of the british agency
Photo: Karolina Olsson Haglund


Has a PHD in Theatre and Film from the University of Stockholm, and has worked as an assistent to Robert Wilson, Lars Norén and Thommy Berggren. Her work includes
”Iron” by Rhona Munro (Stockholm Stadsteater), ”The Maids” by Jean Genet (Riksteatern) ”The Widows” by J.C. Oates (Strindbergs Intima Teater) as well as teaching stage-acting, directing opera, and making and teaching shortfilm production.

2012 she made her off-Broadway debut in New York with "Act before you speak" at The Flea Theater, with Alexandra Zelman-Doring, Marie Godeau and Ana Milosavljevic.
In Act Before You Speak, two women and a violinist perform Hamlet
in 70 minutes, without speaking a word.

Her latest productions are ”Dumstrut” and ”To kill a Carnival” both at Norrbottensteatern, and ”A light for Lena Nyman” by Anna Bromée.


Marie Godeau and Alexandra Zelman-Doring
Photo: Chantal Thomine Desmazures
Alexandra Zelman-Doring
Photo: Chantal Thomine Desmazures



by Franz Xaver Kroetz.
With Cecilia Nilsson
Directed by Hedvig Claesson 

Set design & costume : Zofi Nilsson 
Make-up: Janina Rolfart 
Technician: Lena Bergstedt, Magnus Stage Lind Ingras

Poster Request Programme


Cecilia Nilsson in Request Programme. Photo: James Glossop

Cecilia Nilsson in Request Programme. Photo: Urban Jörén

This production was originally done at Riksteatern, Sweden in 2006. It toured Sweden with more than 60 performances, and was played in livingrooms of empty apartments around Sweden.

It was invited to the NordWind festival in Berlin in 2007.

SIRIS Original Theatre took over the set in 2010 and in 2011 we decided to take it to the Edinburgh Fringe. It was very well received and we are now looking forward to participating in Edinburgh Fringe 2012.

Miss Rasch returns home from work one evening. She spends the evening doing her household chores; making tea, eating supper, washing up and listening to the radio. It´s her favourite show, “Request Programme”, where people ask for music for their loved ones. But who loves her? It seems to be just another ordinary day, filled with acts of somewhat tedious and dull everyday moments, but it isn´t. It´s the day that ends her life.

F X Kroetz wrote this play in Germany in the early 70`s. He wanted to point to the issue of suicide since it was a taboo matter at the time. It was sometimes not even recognized as a cause of death, and this outraged him.
Although many of us have personal experiences of close friends and family who have attempted or even done it, it is still a matter we avoid talking of.

Thus, the importance of addressing it, remains.

by Joyce Carol Oates
worldpremiere 2010
Moira Greary: Cecilia Nilsson, Beatrice Kern: Bo Corre

Directed by Hedvig Claesson

Costume & set design: Zofi Nilsson
Light design: Ellen Ruge
Assistant: Jenny Sperens
Make up artist: Janina Rolfart
Assistant: Hanna Holm
Stage technique: Joakim Ekström
Producer: Katharina Lind
Artistic director: Ture Rangström
Poster: Lennart Claesson

Poster The Widows


  Pictures from "The Widows" Photo: Petra Hellberg  

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Fiber-optic and digital media workshop, a collaborative project with Riksteatern,
Strindbergs Intima Teater,Fiber Optic Vallet and Digitala Verktyg, 2010 and 2011.



”Önskekonsert” / ”Request Programme”

at Fringe Festival 2011

”Önskekonsert” / ”Request Programme”

at Fringe Festival 2012





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